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LIVE session on 10th December 2020

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Extra memorable night with April Hate

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On September 7th 2019, we had the greatest honor to perform at Club Soda with the Empty Minds and April Hate.  And oh my, what an epic show it was! There was an overflow of emotion, passion and love.  It meant so much to us to see all of you there, to watch from the stage all of our friends moving and dancing together.  It touched our hearts deeply and we are beyond grateful to all of you who are coming along with us on this journey.  We also want to say thank you to Natalia Mirochnitchenko for her stunning pole performance, it was a pleasure to share the stage with such a talented soul. Empty Minds and April Hate, delivered an unforgettable performance, we were blown away, the overall energy of the night was just insane!  Thank you so much everyone and we will see you all at our next show. 

To see pictures from the event, visit Offhand's website at the link below.  A special thanks to Pierre Gauthier for the gorgeous pictures (@offhandoriginal)! 

Stolen gear and Fan support

The past weeks have been like no other for us, in brief here's what happened.  We had our gear stolen out of our car and through our own investigation we tracked it down and found it at a pawn shop.  Interestingly, we couldn't get our gear back since there's a corporate law in Quebec stating that if a business acquires items in good faith (meaning they didn't know it was stolen) they have a right to them.  We organised a GoFundMe in hopes to obtain a bit of help to retrieve our stolen gear back.  To our biggest surprise, we received an overwhelming, heartwarming and generous support from our friends and fans, helping us buy our gear back and cover the damages caused by the theft.  In reponse to the generosity and kindness we received, we decided to organise a benefit event for the the people living on the streets of Montreal, ditribute food and coffee to those in need and collect donations in form of clothe, blankets and food, all in the unity of music and love.  A lot of news channels have picked up our story.  If you are interested to learn more you can click on the links below.

Once again, thank you to everyone for the love and support, we are incredibely grateful. 

Live at Club Soda

Here's one of the song's we performed at Club Soda on September 7th.  We had the greatest pleasure to have Natasha Mirochnitchenko do an epic pole performance to the song.  The track is called Parallel World and it'll be featured on our upcoming third album.

Video credit: Bob Vella

COVID Update

   Our dear friends, we hope hope all of you and your loved ones are safe and well.  These are challenging times and we must stay strong in face of adversity.   We wish all of you courage, health and happiness despite the current events.

  The music scene is also taking a big hit due to the exceptional circumstances.  All Death Proof live shows are now postponed to 2021.  However, despite the challenges we continue to stay optimistic and carry on working on our album and music.  This period of down time allowed us to write new songs and push further our musical mind.

  We hope to be able to see all of you soon but in the meantime, stay cool and stay safe.