With heavy bass lines and tempestuous guitar licks, Death Proof launched into the music scene in 2013 under a strong influence of glam rock and grunge. Composed of three female musicians the group consists of vocalists and bass player Stephanie Lemieux, guitarist Masha Temoch and drummer/vocalist Katerina Cordos. 

The band first got together in the summer of 2013, in an old building downtown Montreal that served as a landmark jam space for many of the city's up and coming bands. From their very first jam, the girls realized instantly the perfect match that they are. They played relentlessly, following the greats before them. Queens of the Stone Age, Prodigy, Nine inch Nails and the Runaways were constantly being played.

Through those night time music sessions, the band quickly wrote all the songs for their first album “Do What You Want”. The girls felt powerful and free.
Shortly after, the album was recorded at High St. Studio with Frank Lemieux. The album came out vibrant and spirited. On May 28th 2015, the album was successfully launched at a sold out show at Café Chaos. That year, Death Proof ranked in 5th place in the top heaviest acts of 2015 by Cult Mtl.

After the first album launch, the girls immediately started working on their second album, “Haunted”. The band pushed even more its sound to a heavier bass, heavier guitar and making the vocals omniscient and powerful. Haunted was recorded with Christian Poirier at Greenhouse studio. Although not a punk album the energy and driving melodies ranked Haunted at number 5 by Hear magazine for the Top Montreal Punk Albums of 2016. . 

During the year 2017, the girl's ambitions only grew bigger. They went on tours around Quebec and Ontario performing everywhere from small local joints such as Crobar to more sizable locations such as Club Soda in Montreal. Death Proof also performed in festivals such as M for Montreal and POP Montreal.

In the past year the main focus of the band has been their third album “Parallel World”. An album the band is most excited about. The launch is planned for spring 2020. The songs from Parallel World are filled with melodic, delayed guitars and the usual heavy entrancing bass while the vocals are fluid yet poignant.




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